Residential Roofing

by Cascade United Roofing

The roof above your head serves an important and integral part in protecting your home from nature’s elements. Durable composition shingles are the most widely used materials in the Pacific Northwest and Cascade United Roofing has the experience and trained professionals to make sure they’re properly installed.

Our efforts to provide this service include the removal of your existing roofing system, inspection and assessment of the wood deck, and carpentry repairs such as barge and fascia boards replacement. Additionally, we can light up the dark corners of your home with a new Skylight or Solar Tube.

For many decades, Cascade United Roofing has served the roofing needs of our Portland-area homeowners with quality service and durable craftsmanship. Cascade United Roofing is a proud member of the Home Builders Association and we look forward to meeting you and providing you with a comprehensive roofing proposal.